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Viking Warrior Conditioning is an interval based training protocol to increase your Vo2 Max and cardiovascular fitness.. For those of you unfamiliar with it, the first level workout has you preforming 6-9 kettlebell snatches … ... Goal is to improve overall conditioning and power endurance, as well as fat loss… Featuring very simple and easy to follow instructions and direction, Jay’s kettlebell conditioning … Strength Training Conditioning Fat Burning Flexibility Martial Arts Diet and Nutrition Qigong and Tai … Viking warrior conditioning snatch technique. Viking Warrior Conditioning I just finished reading the book Viking Warrior Conditioning by Kenneth Jay. With the upcoming CrossFit Games Open and the ongoing vo2max improvement contest Christine and I landed upon the Viking Warrior Conditioning workouts. Thread starter Simon Paquette; Start date Jul 27, 2019; Simon Paquette Level 1 Valued Member. This kettlebell snatch protocol … It was developed by Russian Kettlebell Coach Kenneth Jay and used … Viking Warrior Conditioning captures these feelings and brings a whole new revolutionary approach to this kind of conditioning. The Vo2 Max Protocol for Kettlebells is taken from Kenneth Jay, Master RKC, who literally wrote the book on Vo2 Max training and Kettelbells, called Viking Warrior Conditioning.In this tome of …


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