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Tim grounds Kayla indefinitely and says she has to come to dinner. Nick strips and he does have blood on his clothes and body. While her relationship with Nick deepens, Kayla goes against her better judgment and decides to give friendship with Ethan another chance. Hannah and Gabe begin to reconnect as they discuss their future dreams on how they want to spend the money. After a series of disturbing incidents, Hannah and Gabe flee town. Ethan begs for his life and Nick once again strangles him. And now on to the high school boy causing so much trouble for Nick and Kayla… Ethan (Rarmian Newton) is home alone when he hears a noise. [7], Nel maggio del 2018 entrarono nel cast Billy Magnussen e Kim Cattrall[6][8], seguiti il mese successivo, da Danielle Campbell, Paul Wesley, James Wolk, Dania Ramírez e Sam Jaeger. Hannah takes the fight to Katrina, culminating in a final showdown as she tries to free Gabe. He uses Ethan’s detached finger to unlock the phone and return a series of texts from Laney. Madeline believes Hannah and Gabe both take after their father. Next, Nick checks Ethan’s laptop, promising to untie him if he gives up his password. Gabe, who gave up dance, gets snubbed while Hannah with her ultimate family intimacy shared with Terry causes Gabe to get jealous because she didn’t ever feel that way for him. Neither woman speaks at the breakfast table, and Tim figures out something’s going on. Season finale. She wants him to forgive her killer, and Jordan realizes he’s losing his mind. Blood flows from Ethan’s mouth as Nick repeatedly stabs him. As they talk, they hear someone on the roof. [22] Su Metacritic, invece ha un punteggio di 43 su 100, basato su 6 recensioni, che indicano "recensioni miste o contrastanti". “I forgive you for leaving,” replies Hannah. Madeline arrives to hear the story, trying to get Hannah to be quiet. See the blackmailing clip below. Speaking of Colleen, she intercepts when Ethan turns on Kayla and tries to assault her. He demands to know what’s happening, and Kayla spills the beans about being out overnight and about Ethan attacking her. He says there’s only anger and rage left in his world. She says that guy is really nice and she really likes him. By continuing to use this site you agree to the use of cookies. When not promoting Tell Me a Story (which is now airing on CW after its debut on CBS), Danielle spends time with her boyfriend, actor Colin Woodell. S1, Ep4 22 Nov. 2018 Ethan’s face turns bright red as Nick continues to strangle him. He grabs it in pain, and yells after the guy. Ethan was a student at Westside Heights, who began a romantic relationship with Laney Reed. Mitch answers it and Jordan says, “Once upon a time there were three little pigs: Eddie, Mitch, and the third pig. © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. [21], Il 5 agosto 2018 durante la Television Critics Association è stato annunciato che la serie avrebbe debuttato su CBS All Access dal 31 ottobre 2018. This was a truly phenomenal show that rage can come in many forms, and it can’t ever be caged. She refuses and tries to shut him out of her bedroom, but he barges through the door. Thank you for such a beautiful trip. Ethan’s attempt to make amends and promise to be friends with Kayla sparks uneasiness when the two go to a place where destruction is the name of the game and Nick finds her there and tells her about how dangerous Ethan really is. Jordan's hunt for vengeance continues as he sets his sights on a new target. This thing they’ve got going on seriously succeeds in making me uncomfortable. Hannah’s in a panic and I’m not going to lie, that makes me anxious. They can stay there as long as they want. She doesn’t want to stay at Richard’s place, but Gabe convinces her to stay with him and forget about their mother. It appears Ethan’s telling the truth about not forwarding the photo, but Nick says he’s not sure he can trust him. Danielle Campbell interpreta Kayla Sherman, Michael Raymond James interpreta Mitch Longo, Il 30 novembre 2017, CBS All Access ordina una prima stagione completa di Tell Me a Story, basata sulla serie televisiva messicana Érase una vez. She chides him about attempting to buy a gun online, reminding him he’s incapable of actually firing a weapon. Fed up with the police’s investigation, Jordan’s need for answers quickly veers towards obsession. Ethan’s attempt to make amends and promise to be friends with Kayla sparks uneasiness when the two go to a place where destruction is the name of the game and Nick finds her there and tells her about how dangerous Ethan really is. Hannah continues her story, describing how their dad didn’t have any money and couldn’t afford to send them to college. Mitch refuses and realizes Jordan’s calling from nearby. Go to. Is there anyone Kayla can trust because everybody aside from Colleen is coming off shady? She is portrayed by Danielle Campbell. Realizing he has an ally at the police department, Jordan tries to let go of his obsession for revenge. Her dad, Tim (Sam Jaeger), checks in on her before school and then makes breakfast for her and his mom, Colleen (Kim Cattrall). After their ill-advised one-night stand, Kayla tries to keep her distance from Nick (Billy Magnussen) but finds it hard to stay away. Even between Eddie and his girlfriend. It’s truly a sappy and warming moment, a light of hope in this dark tale of survival. With Danielle Campbell, Paul Wesley, James Wolk, Billy Magnussen. It’s a heart-jolting ride that’s really left me questioning what’s right and what’s wrong in the eyes of justice. A door’s open but he doesn’t seem worried as he settles in with VR goggles and porn. He also had an antagonistic relationship of sorts with new girl Kayla Powell. Nick refuses to take no for an answer, seeing anyone in Kayla's life as a potential threat to their future happiness. A phone rings and it turns out it’s inside the pig’s head. He’s not sure it worked. Who the hell is this guy? TELL ME A STORY takes the world’s most beloved fairy tales and reimagines them as a dark and twisted psychological thriller. In the Season 1 ‘Chapter 3: Greed’ episode, high school senior Kayla (Danielle Campbell aka Little Red Riding Hood) is determined to keep her and Nick’s (The Wolf portrayed by Billy Magnussen) relationship a secret, but Ethan’s (Rarmian Newton) jealousy threatens to derail her plans. Pretending to be Ethan, Nick types that he just stepped out for a while. The season premiered on Wednesday, October 31, 2018, and then moved to Thursdays, concluding on January 3, 2019. Questa pagina è stata modificata per l'ultima volta il 2 ago 2020 alle 10:42. Well, it’s quickly discovered that Richard may not be the one to be nervous about, but his wife AKA their mother is another story. He soaks up the blood and carefully scrubs every inch of the place that he touched. Episode five picks up with Jordan (James Wolk) back at home and looking as though he’s passed through the blades of a lawn mower after his one-sided fight with Eddie. She brings Colleen into the tale, explaining that because Colleen had to lie to cover up the story she’s pissed. He also had an antagonistic relationship of sorts with new girl Kayla Powell. Hannah and Gabe as they take this time on the road to freedom to kill the estrangement between them. The jungles, food, cities and people! Inside the house, Mitch goes over paint colors with his wife. Small talk ensues, including talk of Colleen’s non-existent love life. Their mom can’t believe how grown up they are, and she fumbles for what to say to them. Created by Kevin Williamson. They kiss and Nick separates from her embrace, claiming he needs a shower. True to its title, rage comes in many forms. She says that guy is really nice and she really likes him. The brothers hear a different noise and pause for a moment to listen. He was portrayed by Rarmian Newton. Ethan Davies was a recurring character during the first season of CBS All Access' Tell Me A Story. Colleen confesses she was too busy with her career to take care of Tim when he was a child. Madeline apologizes for what she did to her and Gabe, and Hannah replies, “I’ve gone my whole life without a mother. At home that night, Tim pleads with his daughter to have a talk. It’s the situation that has Kayla dancing on a dangerous high-wire with Nick that Colleen should really be jumping all over. Tim arrives with a chocolate souffle and an introduction to the hotel’s general manager who brags about how Tim turned the place around. He imagines his dead girlfriend Beth is helping to soothe his injured face; he even imagines kissing her. Hannah, reluctantly, manages to say thank you. Family turmoil is one of the biggest themes this week on TMAS. That evening Kayla and Colleen are cordial as they sit across from each other at Tim’s restaurant eating dinner. She notices his feet are muddy and he makes up a story about walking in the park. by 2Paragraphs in Culture | August 11, 2020, Danielle Campbell of TELL ME A STORY (Francis Specker/CBS). However, their affair is short-lived, as Kayla ends her relationship with Nick shortly after he expresses his love for her. I don’t need one now.”. As Kayla and Nick secretly explore their thoughts and opinions on what they’re doing with their budding relationship throughout the episode. On May 11, 2020, the network announced that the series was cancelled and would not be returning for a third season. I understand where Jordan is coming from, but his determination has quickly become an obsession. Eddie and Mitch meet, and Eddie admits he roughed up Jordan to try and scare him off. [1][18][19] Il 5 ottobre 2018, invece è stato pubblicato il trailer ufficiale della serie. She knows the code and lets herself in. Ambientato nella moderna città di New York, la prima stagione intreccia I tre porcellini, Hänsel e Gretel e Cappuccetto Rosso, in un racconto epico e sovversivo di amore, perdita, avidità, vendetta e omicidio. Go to to see the video catalog in United Kingdom. Hannah takes on Katrina's henchmen in her attempt to get Gabe to safety. With Danielle Campbell, Paul Wesley, James Wolk, Billy Magnussen. Hannah proposes a road trip to get them in the clear and for them to start fresh and Gabe mentions somebody named Richard, but Hannah unleashes a deadly rage about the idea. She wants him to stop seeking revenge, but he claims he doesn’t have a choice. Though Eddie gave a pretty good ass-kicking, he’s wearing his guilt on his sleeve. Last week on TMAS, 1×03: Chapter 3 “Greed”, our fairytales spun deeper into the dark gritty as our tales face the rage within themselves among other things. Recap of 'Tell Me a Story' season 1 episode 5 in whichMitch and Eddie know Jordan's after them; Nick shows off his true colors, and the siblings stay with their mom. Mitch thinks Eddie needs to pack up and leave. After a series of disturbing incidents, Hannah and Gabe flee town. Kayla Powell is a main character during the first season of CBS All Access' Tell Me A Story. Mitch now agrees about Jordan and confirms he saw him outside his own house. It shook me up pretty good! It’s Kayla, and Nick zips up his jacket in case there’s any blood on his body. Jordan insists he can’t let the pigs get away with her murder. While Hannah relaxes in the bathtub, she and Gabe discuss her hatred of their mother. Kayla refuses to allow that because everyone who loves her ends up dead. Hannah helps Gabe cover his tracks. Between Kayla and Colleen. This situation with Ethan isn’t the one Colleen should be concerned about. The unresolved issues are a heavy, tense blanket on their road trip, but it’s relieving that it doesn’t stay that way. Ethan won’t give up his phone’s password but Nick’s okay with that because he can just use Ethan’s fingerprint. Gabe and Hannah’s broken relationship is more thoroughly explored it’s gritty as hell. Actress Danielle Campbell, who is known for her roles on 'The Originals' and 'Tell Me a Story', is dating her former co-'The Originals' co-star Colin Woodell and traveling the world together. Is there anyone Kayla can trust because everybody aside from Colleen is coming off shady? He realizes they’re in trouble and just wants to help.


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