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A wholesale starter plant company with more than 40 years of service supplying rooted plugs and unrooted cuttings to the greenhouse industry. Aaron's Creek Farms, Inc. was established in 1964 by George W. Gordon, III. You'll receive your plants by post at the right time for planting to ensure that you get the most from them. Incorporate along the perennial border, rain garden, or near … Spring Plugs … Foliage develops an attractive red tinge in autumn. Since then, our wholesale bedding plant and plug ranges have grown to over 350,000 sq ft. This selection from the New England Wildflower Society features red stems, making it a great choice to combine with purple-leaved plants… Also look out for great plug plant offers throughout the spring season on our Special Offers page and view our Top 10 plug plants … Strong-growing and dependable, the lady ferns are great garden plants. A good soil stabilizer, this species spreads moderately via underground stem. Young plants from Wagners are grouped into six different programs: Spring Plugs, Summer/Fall Plugs, Cyclamen Liners, Specialty Florist Liners, Cool Crops Liners, and Prefinished Cyclamen. North Carolina Farms, Inc. - Wholesale Starter Plants … A larval host plant for the Gray Hairstreak Butterfly. In these 40 plus years our focus …


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