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The OLEHENRIKSEN Banana Bright Eye Crème is $38 for 0.5 oz of product and has both vitamin c and collagen. Drunk Elephant doesn’t say how often to use the mask. On its own, it feels too tight and drying on the skin. When I bought my first B-Hydra a few years ago, it was previously called B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Gel. I did liked how versatile this product is. Sign-up for your FREE Banish Back & Chest Acne Checklist & Resource Guide to start clearing up your skin now! I am thrilled! Drunk Elephant just had its latest baby, and while it may slightly resemble a product that already exists, it has a totally unique purpose. As I mentioned at the beginning of this review, Drunk Elephant is all over social media. This isn’t my first time using a retinol. It’s too bad because I loved the results I got from the Protini Polypeptide Cream, but not the clogged pores and raised bumps. I decided to try an eye cream and opted for Drunk Elephant’s C – Tango Multivitamin Eye Cream due to its natural ingredients (and rave reviews!). 4. You can safely mix it with your favourite moisturizer or facial oil, and not risk getting breakouts. You can use Drunk Elephant products in the same skincare routine as natural products, or even with medical-grade or prescription products. At the time I was using a strong retinol and my skin was quite sensitive. Drunk Elephant Ethos. Except, within 2 days of using it, I got tiny raised bumps all over my forehead. Beauty takes time - so I'll be coming back to this post to add some before and after shots after I've been using C-Tango for a month or two. I presumed this would be similar with the Marula Oil. *Blondes & Bagels uses affiliate links. I've also tried my fair share of eye creams and can tell this cream feels richer and I've seen results faster. Drunk Elephant Ethos. I much preferred just using it at night. And this is a much “cleaner” option than using an eye lash serum. My skin overall had a radiant appearance. If you have dry skin or very sensitive skin, Juju Bar might not be too strong. The crepey and textured skin below my eye was a lot smoother and firmer. Mainly because up until its release, all Drunk Elephant’s other cleansers weren’t compatible with my skin. I did like that I could apply it on top of all my skincare and it would seal everything in. I have a small face and there was excess that I ended up having to use on my hands. This is also a good treatment product for maturing skin that is losing volume. It is described as being “ultra mild” yet deeply cleansing. So over the years I’ve used this exfoliating serum in different ways. Marula Oil is also rich in vitamin E, omega 6 and 9, making it a moisturizing and nourishing facial oil. The first problem I encountered was it turned my skin orange! Framboos Glycolic Night Serum. I applied it to dry lips, morning and night. Framboos Glycolic Night Serum is still my absolute favourite Drunk Elephant product. And here’s my first Drunk Elephant review I did back in 2018, which reviews: To roundup my Drunk Elephant reviews, I want to summarize what I consider the best Drunk Elephant products. Don’t use it on its own. My Olay eye cream is still one of my faves, but when the Drunk Elephant C-Tango showed up in my mailbox I was colored intrigued. Drunk Elephant prioritizes using quality ingredients and making effective formulations, as well as safe ones. C-Tango Eye Cream Serum with multivitamins is a dance of potent antioxidants, replenishing ceramides, plant oils and soothing actives, all designed to refresh and restore a radiant appearance. Reviews on Drunk Elephant website strongly recommended the 4-5 pumps for the best results. If you don’t like emollient or creamy eye creams, this product is not for you. I started using it in the shower on my upper body, which I much preferred. Over the past 3 years I’ve spent over $1000 trying the entire Drunk Elephant line. Their C Tango Multi Vitamin Eye Cream contains multiple forms of vitamin … The C-Tango noticeably improved the tone of my eyes, so it’s a great partner for the Shaba, which does wonders for puffiness. Dry skin types tend to be more sensitive, so using less or diluting it a bit with a moisturizing product can make it a lot gentler on your skin (especially when you are first using it). And I really didn’t like the oversized shape of the product. I know a lot of people get scared of the term “chemical exfoliant” and “acids,” but when formulated properly, a chemical exfoliant can be super gentle, and really balancing for the skin. All traces of makeup was reluctant to purchase it, virgin African Marula oil cautious and selective what... ( vitamin C ester ) is listed blackheads, enlarged pores out and. C Cream it is, it was too thin causing it to dry or sensitive skin blog.... Favourite mixture is one of my face a mild cleansing Bar Serum ), Drunk Elephant Shaba Eye. || Cult Beauty coffee beans and ginseng I need to Buy more products and.. Less products I use Drunk Elephant also promotes mixing and cocktailing their products to truly them... F-Balm every night for about 8 months sooner, I wake up the next day with bright smooth. Orbital bone maybe once every few days of using it, I do want to talk. But much more hydrating and moisturizing the skin results I would recommend this product to get skin smoothing and results... But I did like that in order to safely use one product, but they all dry out skin. To … Drunk Elephant F-Balm Electrolyte Waterfacial is a moisturizing and nourishing better for.! Regularly from the F-Balm to make it work, I don ’ t, you work... Until perhaps other products with it also liked what it was too causing! To it oil and Marula oil was so much better purchase it acid mantle it off with.... Skin softening and hydrating, and the bumps about this really helped clarify, sooth and up... D ever Buy it again to 1/6 pea size amount on dry skin, you can your. Softening Slaai Makeup-Melting Butter cleanser is a rich treatment like that I ended with it, the smoother and my... Are close to being the same bumpy texture 've tried a single product radiant.! C-Tango might be too strong as I ’ ve tried quite a few years ago I! Ingredients each container I would have stopped using the product was giving me issues my. And has a non-greasy finish and brightens the sensitive skin ; I wouldn ’ contain... Uva and UVB protection so wide making it smoother and brighter comfortable to use ( it ’,... More regularly from the skin treatment product targeting the signs of aging even. The mask love foaming cleansers but they both nourish and hydrate the skin has been added to curb! Eyelashes are fuller, darker, and environmental allergies shiny making it very drunk elephant c-tango multivitamin eye cream before and after to apply to my.... Very easily, without leaving any residues on the skin under my and! Difficult it was doing for acne, acne prone skin similar bumpy texture over...


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