most dangerous wrestlers in real life
There, he pinned the Indian champion in just 58 seconds. His toughness was scary.” — B.M. The piledriver is actually banned from use besides from The Undertaker(as he is a veteran and has been using his variation for such an extended amount of time), I think you should have added randy ortons punt kick. In 1987, Akira Hokuto won the AJW's top tag team belt (the WWWA World World Tag Team Championship) with Yumiko Hotta. Honestly, the RKO doesn’t strike me as hurting that much (compared to the Stone Cold Stunner, which could concuss you with the chin-on-shoulder contact), but there’s some legal stipulation somewhere that no writer can pen a WWE finishers piece without including one of these. On Christmas night 1961, Race and his wife (Vivian) were driving to visit his parents when their car collided with a tractor-trailer along the highway. Bob Backlund hurt people. There’s a saying that goes “it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog.” This is true in most cases, but in the world of WWE, bigger is always better. There’s nobody close.” — Z.L. Side Note: Harley Race also overcame polio as a child. “He was a machine.”. Heenan said that if he hadn't been there and seen it himself, he wouldn't believe it. “I don’t think anybody walks into a locker room and gets respect,” Brisco said. Understandably, Brock Lesnar is considered by most to be the toughest man on the planet. Kurt Angle is one of the toughest men ever to step foot in a WWE ring. Rude had plenty of brawls under his belt before even stepping in the ring. 46. In one legendary bout, Shamrock pounded on his opponent’s ribs and face for more than a half hour. The question of who would be left standing in a no holds barred brawl has always been bandied about by sports-entertainment fans, including us here at He also earned a World Title opportunity at WrestleMania 29 by winning the 2013 Elimination Chamber Match. So great. Why Mark Henry hasn’t always just sat on people for a pin is kayfabe beyond me. But, as applied by current 300-pounder Rusev, it’s extra sinister. Natalya (and sometimes Tyson Kidd) doles out the backwrenching pain of this one today, but Bret Hart is of course the gold standard. Furthermore, … I’m still classifying Triple H as current talent, even if he wrestles twice a year. What's even crazier is that Angle did this even after years of terrible neck problems and surgeries. A successful arm wrestler, “Ravishing” Rick also worked as a bouncer in Minnesota. Bumps and bruises are p . So basically, unless you’re Sheamus himself — the degree of difficulty here is pretty high. Which is possible. Not even a question. But a torso stomp is really no different from a spear. Stay tuned for my next post: ranking the best hairstyles in WWE history. 15 Dangerous Wrestlers You Didn't Realize Caused The Most Injuries. The intensity it requires, along with the fact that it’s an individual effort, can affect people. “Ole Anderson always pictured himself as a tough guy but he really wasn’t,” Brisco remembered of the gruff competitor who was one of the original Four Horsemen. Your standard camel clutch. Share Share Tweet Email Comment. Meng was upset by it and told Barr he shouldn't have done it. Whether he was Cactus Jack, Dude Love or Mankind, Foley was one tough dude. “With a guy like that, it’s more mental than it is physical,” Brisco said. Severn also made it to the semifinals of the 1998 King of the Ring Tournament, only to be eliminated by The Rock. Steve Blackman looked fairly unassuming. But the most enduring story of Hodge’s toughness happened on March 15, 1976, when he fell asleep at the wheel and drove his car off a bridge and into a creek. I'd say his closest competition would be New Jack. And I think he did it on purpose.” — RYAN MURPHY, “He’s the yardstick,” Jim Ross said with regards to The Deadman’s toughness. When people think of Jeff Hardy, the first thing they think of probably isn't the word "hardcore.". Nobody else would stand a chance.


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