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Posted 9 Years Ago #64966. Draymond Green Talks Dealing With Courtside Drake If Raptors Make It to Finals. Drake gonna use this new pic and continue to let Adinos know he played for the Raptors as Fred VanVleet. View Options. The two were with VanVleet's young daughter and as you can from the image below, someone decided to hit them with the elusive photobomb. If branding guru and new New York Knicks marketeer Steve Stoute is the Drake of the New York Knicks, does that make Drake the Steve Stoute of the Toronto Raptors? Drake referred to VanVleet's ran as the 'Turks and Caicos' tan and even did a salsa dance for the Raptors star. Jamie Cooper Facebook Twitter Contributor. Lowry had to make sure he got some shine. We and our partners will store and/or access information on your device through the use of cookies and similar technologies, to display personalised ads and content, for ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. Fred VanVleet. The video features Kevin Durant, Odell Beckham Jr and Marshawn Lynch, while Drake and Lil Durk are seen donning Toronto Raptors and Chicago Bulls caps respectively. DRAKE IN THE COMMENTS (via @FredVanVleet | IG) Mc Bulldog. Drake has always been a huge fan of the Toronto Raptors and whenever he has some spare time, he heads to the Scotiabank Arena to take in some games. Last night, the Raptors took on the Philadelphia 76ers and were able to win the game, 101-96. You can listen and subscribe to the Battle for LA podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Soundcloud. Posted 9 Years Ago #64967. And after the recent game against the Indiana Pacers, fans are shipping Drake and FVV as another power couple. [RELATED: Warriors go out with whimper in potential Oracle finale]. If he had played for Phelps he wouldn't have been any good. The Raptors have rattled the two-time defending champion Warriors and pushed them to the brink of elimination. Toronto Raptors fans hold up a Drake sign, right. Drake didn't just cop insane championship swag for himself. Follow NBA games live by downloading the ClutchPoints App and heading to the scores tab under the NBA section. La mère de VanVleet s'appelle Susan [8]. June 8, 2019. Arnab vows not to give Mumbai Police editorial access, after Param Bir’s shocking demand, India responds to Pak’s Pulwama admission, says 'World aware of their support to terror', France church attack: World leaders condemn terror attack killing three people in Nice, Drake or Fred VanVleet? 0 Lowry had to make sure he got some shine. It's the least the Raptors superfan could do after The Finals performance VanVleet has put on. Should Knicks make a Godfather trade offer to Warriors for LaMelo Ball? Drake & Fred VanVleet Hilariously Photobombed By Kyle Lowry By Alexander Cole November 26, 2019 09:16. You can also find new episodes of Battle for LA, the ClutchPoints NBA Podcast, and Establish the Pass under the Podcast tab on the ClutchPoints home page. Fred VanVleet is the son of Fred Manning, who was shot dead in 1999. Partner of iOne Digital / Cassius Network. Mc Bulldog. Toronto Raptors point guard Fred VanVleet wasn’t selected in the 2016 draft but through hard work and dedication, he’s become one of the best bench players in the game. Manning had played basketball at Guilford High School in Rockford. The Canadian-born entertainer joked at VanVleet’s expense while providing commentary in a live interview with TSN. They're genuinely convinced that the two are genetically linked. This site uses cookies. Follow ClutchPoints on Twitter & Instagram, and like us on Facebook. Toronto can put a stake in the Dubs on Monday night in Game 5 at Scotiabank Arena, where Drake will return to his courtside seat to witness what could be a championship moment for the Raptors, and troll the Dubs in the process. On offense pushes the ball ahead to fast. #LaughNowCryLater Everyone should read this whole thread. Dawg_tired. Drake gonna show Adonis Fred VanVleet highlights and talk his time in the bubble whole working on an album. At one point, Drake called VanVleet "Frederico". VanVleet's mother is named Susan, and his stepfather is Joe Danforth. Last night, the Raptors took on the Philadelphia 76ers and were able to win the game, 101-96. If the Raptors keep winning, we're sure we'll see Drake at even more games. Get the hottest music, news and videos delivered directly to your inbox. Find out more about how we use your information in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. HuffPost is part of Verizon Media. Not enough dribbling and using the shot clock until you have to throw up a desperation shot at the buzzer. Author: Message: Dawg_tired. NBA fans took to Twitter to comment on the Raptors ambassador's cap and resemblance to VanVleet. When Fred VanVleet gets back to Toronto, the Raptors guard might need to call Drake on his cell phone. The Raptors won the 2018-19 NBA championship against the Golden State Warriors, and are favourites from the Eastern Conference to win a second consecutive title. Dawg_tired. VanVleet is biracial; his father was black and his mother is white. Drake referred to VanVleet's ran as the 'Turks and Caicos' tan and even did a salsa dance for the Raptors star. Drake left a hilarious comment on Fred VanVleet’s Instagram page after Game 4 of the NBA Finals on Friday night. Gotta wonder if that offer is still on the table with Mason's commitment? Many seem to think that they don’t just look like alike, they look downright related. We can also be found on Flipboard where you can subscribe and follow us. Supreme Being. Previously, Drake had also shared memes about his and VanVleet's resemblance on Instagram. Posted 9 Years Ago #64966. Drake may not be laughing for long, though, as Fred VanVleet is set to become a free agent this summer and could choose a destination outside of his champion Raptors. Of course, it was none other than Kyle Lowry who is currently out of the Raptors lineup with a hand injury. Also read | Drake pokes fun at Fred VanVleet's 'Turks and Caicos' tan during Raptors game. For all of our college basketball content, click here. Facebook Twitter Flipboard View Options. Lowry is arguably their best player but despite his absence, they continue to win games. NBA fans compare rapper to Raptors star after he drops new single, Drake plays hoops with Kevin Durant, throws ball with OBJ & Marshawn Lynch in latest track: Drake new song, Drake goes off against Kevin Durant in 'Laugh Now Cry Later' music video; Watch here, Drake pokes fun at Fred VanVleet's 'Turks and Caicos' tan during Raptors game: Drake and Fred VanVleet friendship, Drake Bell from 'Drake & Josh' accused of verbal & physical abuse by Melissa Lingafelt. He's got to be the happiest guy in the Valley (that he didn't go with Drake). Last month, reports claimed that the Knicks are now "all-in" for a VanVleet trade and could have an increase in cap space worth $40 million. If you're a fan of the Raptors, you might've noticed by now that Drake and VanVleet kind of look alike. Need to start restocking bigs now...otherwise, Drake's big men will all be freshmen in the 2013-14 season. Funny enough, Drake teased veteran guard Fred VanVleet’s vacation tan following the All-Star break (via Bleacher Report).


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