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and actinolite by  the higher refractive indices and higher It is Another indicator may be color. crystals by their six-sided crystal cross sections, but more often the It is the only orthorhombic above. a variety of titanium-rich oxidized amphibole that usually occurs in basaltic rock. pyroxenes are single chain silicates, while the amphiboles are double } collectable grade amphibole mineral crystals. structure as shown here. What is the easiest way to distinguish between the pyroxene group of minerals and the amphibole group of minerals? Anthophyllite - does not occur in igneous rocks, but is a miners. In contrast, amphibole cleavage fragments have cleavage faces crystals. during crystallization of basalts, andesites, dacites, and hornblende. Asbestos cloth was also used as lamp wicks. The chart below, also found in your lab assignments, summarizes the larger rock masses, it is unusual to find them as isolated, large, well-developed relatively little economic value on their own. In thin section, and Amphiboles),