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advocate ambassador aerial . 5th Grade Source: Teaching Resource Center, accident class follow mind road sugar ache clear forget minute room summer act cloth forgot mirror rooster sweater afternoon cocoa fork month root talk against company forth mountain … – 5 – Date:_____ standstill diagram antique anxious anxiety disease element ambidextrous affidavit amethyst . allotted admonished almond . • Encourage students to consult more than one reference and to compare information. for students entering grade 5 . abbreviations abdomen abhor . abolition abscess abstinence . Practice Worksheets. 5th Grade Spelling Words. adhere alliance adjacent . accessible acclimated adapted . bonus spelling words . 2 accelerate verb \ak-sel-uh-reyt\ : to cause faster or greater activity, development, progress, advancement, etc., in: The car started to accelerate after the stop sign. 5th Grade Spelling Words Author: Spelling Bee Ninja Keywords: 5th Grade Spelling Words,spelling,spelling bee,spelling words,spelling words list,spelling list,sight words Created Date: 11/3/2019 6:10:40 PM You’ll find a complete alphabetized list of all the lesson words in the Word List at the back of the book. Spelling Bee Grade 5 Word List 1 absorb transitive verb \əb-ˈs rb, -ˈz rb\ : to take in and make part of an existent whole The walls are made of a material that absorbs sound. Each page number listed the lesson words in independent writing activities is essential in making the words part of students’ vocabulary.


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